Overview – Race 5

2019 details are below. 2020 information will be announced in March 2020

The Race 5 NIGHT RACE returns in 2019 as the finale at Yarra Bend, on SATURDAY 5 OCTOBER!  A fantastic night race around the Yarra Trails in Fairfiled/Kew followed by a post event party immediately afterwards.

This is an INCREDIBLE RACE EXPERIENCE as all runners light up the trail with your own headtorch and weave along the flowing, non-technical trails in a long line of light.

When: SATURDAY 5 October 2019.
Where: End of Deep Rock Rd. Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield

  • Long Course: 15km 
  • Medium Course: 10.3km
  • Short Course: 5.2km

The short, medium and long course races will be conducted in the same way as at the other race locations with a single mass start for each distance, but all runners will be carrying or wearing a torch allowing you to follow the trails and the reflective course markings.

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2018 Race 5 Video… check it out. Note, 2019 race date is Saturday 5 October.

There is a great sense of unity in night running! Get set to light up the trails as one big line of luminescence…

“Great atmosphere! I was adrenalin fueled all the way in the dark.” – Emma Ritson (2016 participant)

Tell me about night running

If you have not been night running with a head torch before then get ready for one of the most memorable runs of your life as you race along the trails in a completely new way.

You’ll find that night running is truly a sensory experience where all your senses are turned to high-alert as you explore the wilderness without the benefits of full day light to show the way. You’ll notice that your hearing turns up and you will hear all sorts of new sounds (like the birds in the trees and the crickets in the grass), you’ll fully zone into the trail and focus on each and every foot strike as you feel yourself almost flying through the darkness around you.

Night running is a great experience on your own but in the company of hundreds of other runners all lighting up the trail, the atmosphere is electric. You will love it!

Series finale celebration

The 5th race at Yarra Bend is the final race of the 2019 Trail Running Series and what better way to celebrate the end of the Series than with a massive party at the finish line!

There will be plenty of live music, entertainment, food and drinks at the finish line to allow us all to celebrate the end of the Series in style! Gold Runners will be presented with a finishers’ medal as you cross the line; followed by the Series Finale Presentations with plenty of stories, spot prizes and fun as we cap off another great year of trail running.

Overview – Race 5, YARRA BEND

NOTE: The courses are the same as 2018… slightly adjusted from 2016 and 2017 due to the change in start/finish location last year, but follow almost identical courses – giving peace of mind and comfort for those new to night running.

As outlined above, the 5th race of the series will be conducted at night, after sunset with all runners carrying a (head) torch to light up the trail. You will be able to purchase one through us HERE!

This unique trail running event was the first of its kind in Australia in 2016 with the entire race being held after dark – making it an incredible race experience for everyone. The courses will be the exact same as those used in race 1 from previous years giving you some familiarity but you will be amazed at just how different they feel when you’re vision is restricted to the cone of light emanating from the front of your torch.

We’re sure you’ll find it to be a great experience and a suitable finale to another great series.