The Trail Running Series presented by MINI

Fresh air + Freedom

What a year it’s been for the 2020 Trail Running Series presented by MINI! After 2 fun and exhilarating virtual races, we have our fingers and toes crossed for 2 physical races held between October and January when the current COVID-19 situation calms down.

We can’t wait to all get together and share the fresh air and freedom of trail running side by side again!

The Trial Running Series presented by MINI has an incredible reputation of having community spirit at heart and an inclusive atmosphere in beautiful wilderness locations…

Anglesea and Silvan – our physical race venues

Anglesea and Silvan will be the location of our 2 physical races to round out the Series. The events will be held as ‘normal’ trail running races which we hope to host between October and January.

Each event will be centralised around an extensive event expo with sponsors, food, music and PEOPLE; they will be a celebration of all that is great about life together.

So get running through iso as we prepare to ignite your senses and lead you on these breathtaking races – just like old times! 

The exact dates and details of the physical races will be announced as soon as we can.


  • Anglesea Race:   Date TBC
  • Silvan Race: Date TBC


Each physcial race location will have:

  • Short course 
  • Medium course 
  • Long course
  • Friendly 4km (Anglesea only)
  • Kids Run (Silvan only)


To breath in the fresh air, unite with past race friends, and experience trail running in a safe, friendly and socail atmosphere. Bring it on!!!

Welcome MINI Countryman

Adventurers! Rugged, Resilient and Stylish. Is that how your friends would describe you? Because that’s exactly how we describe the MINI Countryman our new partner of the Trail Running Series.

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Virtual Race 1 Review

Virtual Race 2 Review

It’s great to have the opportunity to run a race in places like these; it’s the FREEDOM of running through the trails that make it so spectacular,” said Sonia O’Sullivan, Series Competitor

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