Series Overview

The information below relates to the Series as it stood at the end of 2020. Specific 2021 plans will be promoted on this website and via social media early in the new year!

Fresh air and Freedom

The Trail Running Series presented by MINI events have an incredible reputation for their community spirit, for inclusion and plenty of fresh air running in beautiful wilderness locations. We saw each of these attributes in our two Virtual Races in June and July – and now our focus is on the physical events we hope to host between October and January.

Whilst we are currently battling our way through COVID-19, the Trail Running Series presented by the MINI physical races are on hold for 2020, with the hope to host 2 Physical races very soon (when allowed!)

2 physical races will be held between October and January when the current situation has calmed down, to be held as ‘normal’ trail running events in Anglesea and Silvan.

Each event will include:

  • 5-7km short course race
  • 10-12km medium course race
  • 18-21km long course race.

Each event will be centralised around an extensive event expo with sponsors, food, music and PEOPLE, they will be a celebration of all that is great about life together.

How AWESOME will it be when we can all get together and share the fresh air and freedom of trail running side by side again!

It will definitely be time to ignite your senses… as we lead you on some breathtaking runs through some magnificent wilderness locations – just like old times! Stay tuned for details.

Trail Running Series Strava Club

Whilst we await our physical races, it is more important than ever to remain active and engaged with our friends and the running community. One of these ways is through our Trail Running Series Strava Club !

Strava is a social-fitness network, online training diary and exercises analysis tool.

Keep the high fives and kudos coming!

JOIN the Trail Running Seris Stava Club HERE