Series Overview

Fresh air and Freedom

Trail running takes you off-road…! And what’s not to love when it takes you through magnificent wilderness, past towering trees, trickling creeks, almighty tree ferns and native wildlife all in a friendly event atmosphere.

The Trail Running Series is the pre-eminent trail running series in Australia with an incredible race atmosphere that is welcoming of all runners – first timers through to the running elite. The Series revolutionised trail running in Australia by taking it to the masses and continues to lead the way as one of Australia’s most popular trail running events.

We were only able to conduct two virtual races in 2020 so we are REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to getting back together IN PERSON for some more magnificent trail running experiences in 2021!!

The emphasis of the 2021 Series is to allow the trail running community to reconnect with one another, to catch up with old friends + new and share some more amazing runs and race experiences together.


New initiatives for the 2021 Series:

  • a NEW ‘Social Central’ zone at the race finish line to make make itr easy to catch up with friends and connect with your communiuty
  • with outdoor chairs, table, umbrellas and places to relax post race
  • live music and entertainment
  • plenty of food and coffee all available
  • new race locations for 2021 – Werribee Gorge
  • New courses at old venues
  • no night race – all day time races, face to face = together
  • new family friendly 4km race at Race 3 Anglesea
  • kids run at race 5 Silvan
  • + all the good bits from previous years. This years series will be the best yet!

Allowing us to reconnect with the wilderness and our trail running friends.

“I love the energy & vibe of the TRS, it’s a personal challenge for me & I love being able to run in beautiful places


If you are new to the Trail Running Series then we extend a big, muddy welcome to you and encourage you to sign up for a race or two for a rewarding run through beautiful wilderness on a Sunday morning.

The Trail Running Series is all about making trail running accessible to as many people as possible. You don’t need years of experience nor all the latest gear… all you need is a come-and-try-it attitude and a bit of fitness to get around the course. All races are designed to be fun, scenic and rewarding for all runners with a friendly event atmosphere that is truly welcoming of everyone.

Roughly 55% of participants are women and whilst some people run to win, plenty of people just come for a dose of fresh air with their buddies on a Sunday morning before getting on with the rest of their day.

Each event will include:

  • 5-7km SHORT course race
  • 10-12km MEDIUM course race
  • 18-21km LONG course race

Each event will be centralised around an extensive event expo with sponsors, food, music and happy trail runners.

How Technical?

The courses for The Trail Running Series can accurately be described as being largely non-technical with clear and straight forward footing. This means that you will NOT be running over extensive rock scree, slippery surfaces, clambering up the sides of mountains or ‘bush-bashing’ through the scrub. Yes it can be muddy and yes there are hills, but the courses are all very well marked with arrows and marking tape, and the terrain is solid underfoot and very run-able.

So if you are afraid of rolling an ankle or ‘doing yourself an injury’ then fear not, the races are generally very safe and easy to follow and stay upright!

“I made it to the end so I’m pretty happy with that. It’s my first ever trail running event and I’ve booked in for the Series. I had a great time,”


“Started off the series 3 years ago with some trepidation, as a plodder I was more concerned about not making a fool of myself. The series is organised fantastically, and the support of Rapid Ascent and the trail running fraternity is awesome. Still a plodder, but now a confident one”


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