Series Overview

Fresh air and Freedom – that’s what we need right now.

The Trail Running Series events have an incredible reputation for their community spirit, for inclusion and plenty of fresh air running in beautiful wilderness locations. Each of these attributes will continue with the Virtual Races conducted over June and July.

Whilst we can’t run all together at the moment, it is more important than even to remain active and engaged with our friends and the running community. We call it:

Physical distancing, socially uniting.

VIRTUAL RACES How will it work?

We all go for a run at the exact same time, running either 5km, 10km or 15km wherever we can (respecting the current social distancing rules) but connect via some easily installed technology that lets us race with one another and build camaraderie on the trails like never before.

  • Runner Tracking – using a simple app called RACE MAP all runners can broadcast their run live and in real time. It will really feel like we’re running together with a communal map showing where everyone is running at the same time
  • Facebook Live – we will welcome all runners to the Series, and stream a live warm up from our training partners at the Hiit Factory
  • ZOOM video meet up – runners can ‘dial in’ with live footage showing where you are before / during / after your run and to connect with others
  • TRS dedicated Strava club – so we can all check out each other’s run and deal out the kudos!

    CLICK HERE for these Virtual Race apps and technology explained

Participants can run over whatever course you have access to – we’d recommend trails – but you are equally welcome if you can only do laps of the local footy ground and high five the screen on your way around.

The virtual races are more about camaraderie than competition and are designed to give us a running date with our friends when we need it most. We will recognise some results but also award those who have a bit of fun with it – like who climbs the most vert in their race distance, or who does the most laps of the mini course, or makes a picture with their run track on Strava.

We may not be able to run together for the next few months but that does not mean we can’t share our running experience and unite on the trails.

How AWESOME will it be when we can all get together and share the fresh air and freedom of trail running side by side again!

Did someone say PARTY ON THE TRAILS?!!!

We will schedule 2 or 3 physical events to be held between October and January when the current situation has calmed down, to be held as ‘normal’ trail running events in beautiful wilderness locations.

Each event will include a 5-7km short course race, 10-12km medium course race and 18-21km long course race. Centralised around an extensive event expo with sponsors, food, music and PEOPLE, they will be a celebration of all that is great about life together.

It will definitely be time to ignite your senses… as we lead you on some breathtaking runs through some magnificent wilderness locations – just like old times!

Exact details and destinations will be announced in the middle of the year but will likely be held at Anglesea and Silvan – your 2 favourite event destinations.