Schedule/Race Day Info for Silvan

Sunday 4 August, 2024


All race distances at Silvan are being conducted in a handicap format where slower runners start earlier and faster runners start later. Look at table of wave start times for your race below and read these guidelines so you start in the appropriate wave:

  • Each race distance has 5 different wave starts numbered 1 to 5.
  • Runners should start in the wave start number that matches your ability according to these guidelines:
    • If you raced at Plenty Gorge then look up your overall place in the results HERE and start in the wave that’s comparative to your placing. eg. if you came 267th in the medium course you should start in wave M3 at 8:58am
    • If you raced at Anglesea then look up your overall place in the results HERE and start in the wave that’s comparative to your placing. eg. if you came 88th in the short course you should start in wave S4 at 10:07am
    • If you did not race at either Plenty Gorge or Anglesea then choose your wave start according to your honest ability. Eg. If you are generally a mid-field finisher then start in wave 3.
  • Be aware of your recommended wave start time and come to the start line 5mins beforehand – we’ll marshal you into position and you’ll start with others of the same ability.

Questions about the handicap start process:

I want to run with my friend but they are faster than me – when do I start?

If runners of varying ability want to run together then you should both start according to the speed of the slower runner.

What about congestion, won’t I be passing people all the time?

No. If everyone starts in the wave that matches their speed we’ll all slowly catch each other towards the finish and not before. Also, the course is designed with wider tracks and roads towards the end to allow for larger groups.

I’m feeling slow today, can I start in an earlier wave?

We recommend you start in the wave that matches your results from earlier races… We all feel slow in the mornings and struggle to get going so your best comparison to others was the last race you did. We really recommend people start in the wave that matches their proven ability rather than how they feel.

I’m a faster runner and I think I’m going to catch people. Can I start earlier to be separate from all others?

No. We really recommend that all runners start in the wave that matches your ability. The course is designed so we come together in the closing stages – and that’s where the course is wider and capable of handling more runners at once.

DISCUSS your thoughts and share questiosn and answers on the handicap start process on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE here. READ MORE about the handicap start process HERE or in the event program linked above.


Slower runners are starting earlier and faster runners starting later – so all runners finish at the same time.

6:45am – 12:00pm Race registration open
7:30am – 9:05amLong course start window
8:20am – 09:35amMedium course start window
9:30am – 10:20amShort course start window
11:10am onwardsFood, live music, entertainment… CELEBRATIONS!
12:00pm onwardsPresentations

Event expo

The Event Expo and Start / Finish area at Silvan includes sponsors displays, food / coffee for sale, live music, race commentary, social media boards, presentations and plenty more.

It’s a lovely, welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy whether you are running or not. For a full list of services, see the Event Expo page.

The location

Event centre and race finish line:
Silvan Reservoir Park, Stonyford Road, Silvan (Dandenong Ranges). Event centre will be in the parkland on Stonyford Road, below the dam wall.

Directions to get to Silvan Reservoir Park:
If coming from central Melbourne, drive out on the Eastern Freeway and continue onto Eastlink past Ringwood. Turn left onto Canterbury Rd and follow this through Montrose and then turn right onto York Rd to Mt Evelyn where you turn right onto Monbulk Rd and finally right onto Stonyford Rd at Silvan that leads to the parkland at the base of the reservoir wall.

Distance from the Melbourne CBD:
52km and 1hr 3mins according to Google maps.

We recommend that as many people as possible car pool with friends in order to get to SIlvan because parking is very limited in the start / finish area (and driving fewer cars saves fossil fuels!). Parking options may involve cars being parked up to 1km from the start / finish area (making it a great warm up!)

Competitor number plates

Number plate identification

All competitors are required to wear their race number plate whilst running in the race. Numbers must be safety pinned to the front of your race top so it is clearly visible from the front.

Your number plate will have a small timing tag stuck to the back of it so we can record your start and finish time. This tag looks just like a strip of foam, so please do not remove it from your number plate otherwise you will not get an official result.

  • GOLD number plates denote runners who have entered the entire Series, doing all 3 events in the series.
  • RED, GREEN & BLUE number plates will be given to all single race runners… ie, those who are not entered into the entire Series. Red (long course), Green (medium course), Blue (short course).

Competitors who entered BEFORE 8:00am Wednesday 17 July 2024 will receive their event number plate in the post before the event. If you have not received your race plate in the post by the Thursday before the event please email [email protected]. You will be able to collect a race plate at the registration tent at the event.

Competitors who enter AFTER 8:00am Wednesday 17 July 2024 must collect their event number plate from Registration on race morning.

Once you have received your number plate (either via post or collection) you do not need to ‘report in’ or register at the event venue on race morning, just warm up, arrive at the start line ready to race!

NO Headphones!

For the handicap system to work, and for the safety of all runners so you can communicate with one another, we ask that you do not wear headphones during the event (it also means you can hear the wilderness around you!)