General timings on race day

The exact schedule varies a little from race to day, but here is a general rundown of how things roll:

Pre event

  • Monday 16 days before race day: number plates are posted to competitors.
  • Friday 9 days before race day: a detailed event program is emailed to competitors that outlines all the race logistics and on the day information. 
  • Online entries remain open right up until the race commences!

Approx race day schedule

7:00am Race day registration opens
8:25am Aerobics warm up
8:30am – 9:15am Races start
9:30am – 11:00am Competitors finish
11:00am Presentations

The specific schedule for each race is available here:

Race starts

Each race starts at a different time between approximately 8:30am and 9:30am on race day. Make sure you check the specific schedule for each race (links above)

I love the variety of trail race types offered and the mix of trails within each race. Never a dull moment! – Renee

After the race

After your race, we recommend:

  • Hang out in the Social Central zone with your new and old trail running buddies!
  • Buying a coffee and a bite of food from the vendors to enjoy the race atmosphere
  • Listen to the live music
  • Stick around to support other runners as they cross the finish line and share their smiles
  • Watch the kids’ run being held at Silvan with 150+ kids aged 4-10yrs is always a bundle of fun!
  • Staying for presentations to acknowledge the winners and hopefully claim a spot prize
  • Posting on social media to tell the world what a great time you’ve had (#BitumenIsBoring)
  • Checking out your official results: Results 
  • Viewing your event photos (available by the Wednesday after the race): Photos