2020 Results

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Race #2 results:

Race #2 live tracking map

Race #1 results:

5km short course – RESULTS

10km medium course – RESULTS

15km long course – RESULTS

Race #1 FUN award winners:

  • Cool Strava art:
    • Race 1 Award: Mrs P Train (Celia Mason) who managed to run a course that resembled a dragon – pretty cool we think! (pictured right)
  • who climbed the most vertical meters:
    • Race 1 Awards: 
      • Magnus Michelson 849m (15km)
      • Victoria Halchenko 589m (10km)
      • Leanne Taylor-Leckie 186m (5km)
  • the most laps of a mini-course:
    • Race 1 Award: Greg Hughes (multiple laps of a tiny course!)
  • barefoot runners:
    • Race 1 Award: no winner…

How to upload your results

In order to compile a set of results, we ask that you manually enter the details of your race into the online results table on EventsPlus. This is not mandatory but allows you to compare your efforts to everyone else.

Please upload your results by 8:00pm AEST Sunday 14th June (race day evening) and Sunday 12th July for Race 2.

How to upload your results:

  • Click the UPLOAD button above (this will be live on event day!)
  • This will take you to the login page for your entry profile with EventsPlus – LOGIN using the same details as when you entered
  • Once logged into your summary page click the green UPLOAD NOW button
  • The results table will ask for these fields:
    o Distance raced (either 5, 10 or 15km)
    o Time to run your race distance
    o Elevation gain (how many meters you climbed during your race. Put 0 if unknown)
    o Race course type (sealed road, footpath, dirt roads, trails)
    o You can also share a photo and brief summary of your race!

    That’s it. Your results will now be online on the VIEW RESULTS page linked above.

Fast or slow it doesn’t really matter – what is important is that you tried hard and had fun!

Results will then be verified against the Trail Running Series Strava Club, so you must be a member of the club in order to be in the results.

NOTE: Due to the fact that all Virtual Race competitors will be running a different course, we will award minimal results and award more recognition to those who participated and had fun. Check the categories and prizes pages for details, and see winners for the fun awards!

Results FAQs
What if I run further than the distance I entered? That’s fine, put in the maximum race distance you did run (either 5km, 10km or 15km) and the time it took you to run that distance. Eg. If you entered the 10km race but ran 11.3km – then upload a distance of 10km and the time it took you to run that 10km.

What if I run less than the distance I entered? The same as the example above, so if you entered the 10km and you ran 9.2km then upload into the results a distance of 5km and the time it took you to run that 5km.

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