1. When will I get my race number?
Your race plate will be posted to you if you enter before the below cut-offs for each race:
Race 1: 8:00am, Friday 31st May
Race 2: 8:00am, Friday 28th June
Race 3: 8:00am, Friday 19th July
Race 4: 8:00am, Friday 6th September
Race 5: 8:00am, Friday 20th September

Prior to race day

If you need to update your postal address please email [email protected]

2. If I enter after the mailout cut off time, how do I get my plate?
You will collect your race plate from the registration marquee on race morning.

3. Where do I collect my t-shirt if I am a series entrant?
You can collect this from the registration marquee at Race 1 or Race 2. If not collected at the end of Race 2, your t-shirt will be forfeited.

4. When will the event program be sent to all competitors?
Approximately 10 days prior to the event we will email the official event program to all competitors. It will also be available for download from this event website.

General questions

1. Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
No – you cannot transfer your entry to another competitor.

2. Can I give my race plate to someone else to run with?
No – only the person who is registered to that race place can compete. If you have not registered, you cannot participate.

3. What happens if I have lost my plate or forgot to bring it along?
Please go to the Race Registration marquee – you will be allocated another plate. NOTE: A $10 fee applies and this will be enforced for all events.

4. Can I change to a longer distance?
Yes you can change to another distance. You will incur the cost of the fee difference plus a $10 fee if race plates have already been posted out. NOTE: A $10 fee applies for all longer distance changes on race day.

5. Can I change to a shorter distance?
Yes, we are happy to arrange this. You will incur a $10 fee if race plates have already been posted out. NOTE: The difference in entry fee will not be refunded.

6. Can I become a series competitor after I complete Race 2?
No – you can only become a series competitor if you enter 3 or 4 races prior to 10:00am Friday 12th July 2019.

7. Can I add another race to my original entry?
Yes you can add another race by logging into your profile and adding a race.

8. Am I still eligible for the discount if I decide to enter Races 3 and 4 after completing Races 1 and 2?
No – you are only eligible for the discount if you enter 4 or 5 of the races in the one entry online prior to 10:00am Friday 12th July 2019.

9. I am entered into Races 1 and 2, I have now decided to do another 2 events, do I get a GOLD RUNNER race plate?
No – race plates are for all series competitors who complete 3 or 4 races and enter prior to 10:00am Friday 12th July 2019. No GOLD RUNNER plates will be issued after this date.

10. I would like to purchase an event t-shirt, how do I get one?
An event t-shirt is included in the series competitor’s entry fee. We will have a limited number of t-shirts available for purchase at Race 3 or 4.

11. Can I push a pram in the event?
No. For safety reasons and because of the rough terrain and limited width of some trails, prams are not permitted at any of the race courses.

12. Can I bring my dog or other pet to run/walk with me?
No. For safety reasons and because many of the events are held in National Parks, animals are not permitted on the course.

13. Can I ride my bike alongside my friend who is running?
No. For safety reasons, bikes and rollerblades are not permitted on the course.

14. Will I be timed?
Yes, our event timing for all races is conducted by Tomato Timing.

15. Where can I find my results?
The results will be posted onto the event website shortly after each event on the Results page.

16. Can I enter on the day?
Yes, there will be entries taken at the race registration marquee on the day of each race between 7:00am and 9:00am only. Note: price increase for all on the day entries. Refer to the Entry Information page for details.

17. Where can I find the refund policy for The Trail Running Series? 
Please click here for further information on the refund policy.

18. What if I lose my race number?
If you lose your race number between when you receive it in the post before the race and the start of the race then please come and collect a replacement from the registration marquee at the start of each race. A $10 fee will apply.

19. What should I wear?
Comfortable running gear and shoes suited to running on ‘off-road’ surfaces. Participants should be aware that some fabrics can induce chaffing, which can become quite severe, especially for those in the long course runs. It is advisable that you wear clothing that you have trained in and are confident that you will be able cover the distance comfortably in. See our Equipment page for more details.

20. Where will the first aid stations be located? 
First aid stations will be located at the start / finish area for each race.

If you have other questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to ask.
T: 03 5261 5511 
E: [email protected]


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