Schedule/Race Day Info -Yarra Bend


The window below displays the Event Program and is essential reading for all event attendees and covers details like event schedule, course descriptions, rules and all else.
• Download your own PDF copy HERE.

Race day schedule

Sunday 5 June, 2022

7:00amRace registration opens
8:35amHIIT Factory aerobics warm up – Long Course runners
8:40amSTART – Long Course (15km)
8:50amHIIT Factory aerobics warm up – Short Course runners
8:55amSTART – Short Course (5.2km)
9:00amHIIT Factory aerobics warm up – Medium Course runners
9:05amSTART – Medium Course (10.3km)
9:15amShort course winner expected
9:40amLong course winner expected
9:45amMedium course race winner expected
10:40amRace presentation and spot prize giveaways 
11:30amCourses close

The location:

The event expo and race finish line is at the end of Deep Rock Rd. Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield.

Car parking and access to the event:

We recommend that people run, walk, ride or take public transport to the event to save fossil fuels, but if you choose to drive, there is a range of parking locations surrounding Yarra Bend as outlined below:

  • Yarra Bend Rd . All parking on this side is accessed off Heidelberg Rd.
  • Studley Park Boathouse, accessed off Yarra Boulevard (walk over the bridge!)
  • Yarra Boulevard (walk over the bridge!)

The start

Start line location

On Deep Rock Rd.

Starting procedure

All distances will start racing with a single wave start at the following start times:

  • 8:40am LONG COURSE (15km) – all runners start 
  • 8:55am SHORT COURSE (5.2km) – all runners start 
  • 9:05am MEDIUM COURSE (10.3km) – all runners start


Please place yourself in the start chute according to your honest running ability, with fast runners near the front, recreational runners in the middle and those who are here to enjoy yourself towards the back.

Competitor number plates

Number plate identification

All competitors are required to wear their race number plate whilst running in the race. Numbers must be safety pinned to the front of your race top so it is clearly visible from the front.

  • GOLD number plates denote runners who have entered the entire Trail Running Series, doing at least 4 of the 5 events in the series.
  • RED, GREEN & BLUE number plates will be given to all other runners who are not entered into The Series

If you have a GOLD number plate and are doing all races in the series please KEEP YOUR NUMBER PLATE and timing tag to use for all of your races in the series. We will not be re-issuing number plates to series runners.

Number plate collection

Competitors who entered Race 1 before 8:00am Friday 20 May will receive their event number plate in the post before the event. If you are going to be away from home or if you have not received it in the post by Tuesday 2 June then please call the Rapid Ascent office on 03 5261 5511.

Competitors who enter Race 1 after 8:00am Friday 20 May must collect their event number plate from Registration on race morning.
Once you have received your number plate (either via post or collection) you do not need to ‘report in’ or register at the event venue on race morning, just warm up, arrive at the start line ready to race! 

The event centre

The following competitor services and facilities will be set up at the Event Centre, making a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy whether you are running or spectating:

  • The start and finish line for all races
  • Race registration and information marquee (from 7:00am)
  • Footpro will have a pop up store with demo shoes, apparel and advice
  • Displays and sales by our event sponsors HIIT Factory, 32gi Sports Nutrition
  • Event merchandise sales marquee
  • Hydration / nutrition station with water and 32gi sports drink and fruit for all race finishers
  • First Aid point
  • Bag storage area for runners’ clothing during the race
  • Live music, MC and commentary at the race finish
  • Coffee and a BBQ (the essentials!)

Competitor services @ The event centre


We’ll set up a social chill zone where you can relax and enjoy your post race vibes with chairs, umbrellas and live music and more. Grab a seat, buy a coffee and enjoy life!

bitumen is boring backdrop

We will have our Bitumen is Boring backdrop with a range of fun placard signs for you to hold up and have fun with. Snap a selfie or grab a photo with some friends to create your own unique event photo.


We’ll be calling finishers over the line and sharing the love on the mic, meanwhile ‘Wazza’ will be playing some of his live sets to add to the scene and relaxed vibe post-race.

Hydration point – NO CUPS!!

There will be a hydration station located in the event expo / finish line area that will have water and 32gi available – but you must BRING YOUR OWN CUPS OR BOTTLES…

(There will also be NO CUPS at the water points out on course. Details below )

Free 32gi Sports drink

Our 2022 hydration partner 32gi will have a free Endure Hydrate as a premixed sports drink available for all runners after the race so come and fill up your cup. If you like the taste, feel free to buy some from Magnus at the 32gi expo stand.

‘For Wild Places’ Bag storage

We will store your bags and keep an eye over them whilst you’re running. Put all items in a closed bag with your race number written on the side, with no valuables inside, and then brop your bag off to the storage area 5-10 minutes before your race start. All number plates have a removable ‘bag-tag’ at the bottom. We encourage you to use this to help identify your bag when you leave it with us.

Our volunteers for the bag storage area (and elsewhere around the finish line) come from a terrific organisation we’re partnering with called ‘For Wild Places’ who aim to lead the trail running community into immediate action to protect places of environmental and cultural significance.

They want to use their love of trail running for good, to create a platform that will allow trail runners to have a positive impact on the environment and through education, awareness and action encourage trail runners to become sports activists who stand up for our wild places. Please have a chat to them about their terrific work or

HIIT Factory warm ups and exercise station

The HIIT Factory will be conducting a warm up for all runners starting 5 minutes before each race start to get you ready to race – so make you’re in the start chute and be part of this electrifying kick starter!

VIP Group experience

If you see a group of runners relaxing in their own VIP marquee after the race then chances are they are our winning VIP Group who’ll be enjoying a tasty hamper of post race food, comfortable chairs, drinks and a free coffee.

We will award a new VIP Group for each race so put yourself in the running by entering your group name online as part of the entry process. (Minimum 5 people to make a group – and you can log back into your entry and retrospectively add your group name in).


We strongly encourage all runners NOT TO WEAR HEADPHONES or listen to music whilst running in the The Trail Running Series. This is primarily for your safety, so that runners wishing to overtake on a narrow section of track can communicate with you and advise where/how they’d like to pass without causing a crash. The courses also pass through some magnificent eucalypt bush land filled with birds and other wildlife that is all part of the trail running experience and if you’re pounding away to music you can’t hear that either!