Schedule/Race Day Info -Yarra Bend

Race 1 wave start lists are now live on the website and linked below.




All runners who entered before 9:00am Friday have been allocated a specific start wave, please check the list and ensure you line up for your designated start.
(We would greatly appreciate it if you did not swap around or start in another wave as it compromises our plans as we cannot exceed the group size limits. Requests with a good reason can be discussed at the registration marquee on the day. Thank you.)
Entries are still open with new entrants being allocated a wave start time after pre-entered runners, as follows:

  • Long course: new entrants will start between 9:40am and 9:45am
  • Medium course: new entrants will start between 11:05am and 11:10am
  • Short course: new entrants will start between 12:15pm and 12:35pm

Please arrive no more than 20mins before your start and read the event program as refresher for how things will roll. It’s going to be super fun to be back on the trails together!

COVID Update 2:00pm 16 June: We are thrilled to confirm that the Trail Series race #1 will take place on Sunday 20th June as planned. Races will commence in a series of wave starts (so we don’t exceed the permitted group sizes) and runners are asked to arrive no more than 20minutes before your start time and leave soon after finishing. All event details are explained in the event program BELOW.


The program below is essential reading for all competitors and explains the start process, COVID requirements, courses and more. Read it online here or download your own PDF copy here.

Race day schedule

Sunday 20 June, 2021 (rescheduled from 6 June due to Victorian COVID lockdown)

7:30amRace registration opens
8:00 – 9:40amLong course wave starts (15km)
9:50 – 11:10amMedium course wave starts (10.3km)
11:10 – 12:35pmShort course wave starts (5.2km)
2:00pmLast runner finishes
8:00pmOnline presentations

The location:

The event expo and race finish line is at the end of Deep Rock Rd. Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield.

Car parking and access to the event:

We recommend that people run, walk, ride or take public transport to the event to save fossil fuels, but if you choose to drive, there is a range of parking locations surrounding Yarra Bend as outlined below:

  • Yarra Bend Rd . All parking on this side is accessed off Heidelberg Rd.
  • Studley Park Boathouse, accessed off Yarra Boulevard (walk over the bridge!)
  • Yarra Boulevard (walk over the bridge!)

The event centre

The following competitor services and facilities will be set up at the Event Centre. Competitors are asked to pass through the area promptly and not gather in groups of more than 20 together, or 150 people in the total area:

  • The finish line for all races (the start line will be 100m away adjacent the E.O McCutchen Oval)
  • Race registration and information marquee (from 7:30am)
  • Footpro pop-up store
  • 32gi Sports Nutrition pop-up store and samples
  • Water station – BYO cup
  • Medical team base
  • Bag storage area for runners’ clothing during the race
  • Coffee from Melbourne Coffee Ground

COMPETITOR SERVICES @ The event centre

We have been forced to substantially reduce our competitor services for race #1 to comply with current regulations. Please do not linger in the event expo / finish precinct for more than 30 minutes after finishing.

MC and verbal high 5’s!
We will have our new event MCs Peter James and Nathan Fenton calling all finishers over the line in the expo and giving you a verbal high-5 in recognition of your run (we can’t do real high-5’s sorry!). Tune in to their chatter as these two know a lot about running and will keep us educated as well as entertained and informed.

Bag storage
There will be a secure area where you can store your bags and warm clothing while you run. This will be a non-touch area where you place your bag in the enclosure and you collect it again afterwards.

Please attach the ‘bag tag’ from the bottom of your number plate to your bag before dropping it off, then you can prove you are collecting your own bag by presenting your number plate at the end.

Hydration point – NO CUPS!!
There will be a hydration station located in the event expo / finish line area that will have water and 32gi available. Only the volunteer is to handle water the taps and they will help you fill your water vessel – so we minimise common touch points. BRING YOUR OWN CUPS OR BOTTLES…

The HIIT Factory Home Straight
The HIIT Factory Home Straight is a short timed section of each course that leads into the finish line. We will award a prize to both the fastest male and female sprint to the finish line – so save up a bit of energy and have some fun with it!!

The start

Starting Procedure:

We have made significant changes to the start process for Race #1 compared to the ‘normal’ mass starts we traditionally use.

All races will commence in separate wave start windows of 15 runners every 5 minutes. The start order will be Long course then Medium course then Short course, proceeding in alphabetical order by surname within each race distance (A surnames first…). The final start lists we be uploaded to this website on Thursday late morning.

Start lists will be generated according to the entry list at 9:00am Friday 18th June. Entries received after that time, including on the day entries, will be included after the last name in that particular race start (after surname Z). Please contact us via [email protected] if you have a good reason to request a different wave start.

WAVE START NAMES AND TIMES will be uploaded to this page on Friday afternoon and be e-mailed to entrants before the race.

Please read the following race start explanation carefully:

  • All races will commence in separate wave start windows of 15 runners every 5 minutes.
  • Runners are allocated to a specific wave start window and runners MUST start in their allocated window. We will check names of runners starting to ensure we don’t exceed the group size maximum.
  • The list of names in each wave start will be available on the event website and e-mailed to competirors on Friday afternoon and will be displayed on the event notice board and throughout the event
  • The designated 15 runners can start at any point within their allocated 5 minute wave start window – so you can trickle over the line well spread out. Your race time will start when you cross the timing mat at the start.
  • All runners must start from the official race start line and pass over the timing mats.
  • Runners wear a face mask when standing in the start chute if less than 1.5m apart

These steps have been set in place to secure the safety of runners, volunteers and the event as a whole. Please be aware of and respect these start process.

Start line location

All wave starts will commence from the same start line, located 100m away from the Event Centre and finish line. Start line will be on the grass adjacent the E.O McCutchen Oval, beside Deep Rock Road.

Competitor number plates

Number plate identification

All competitors are required to wear their race number plate whilst running in the race. Numbers must be safety pinned to the front of your race top so it is clearly visible from the front.

  • GOLD number plates denote runners who have entered the entire Trail Running Series, doing at least 4 of the 5 events in the series.
  • RED, GREEN & BLUE number plates will be given to all other runners who are not entered into The Series

If you have a GOLD number plate and are doing all races in the series please KEEP YOUR NUMBER PLATE and timing tag to use for all of your races in the series. We will not be re-issuing number plates to series runners.

Number plate collection

Competitors who entered Race 1 before 9:00am Friday 4th June will receive their event number plate in the post before the event. If you are going to be away from home or if you have not received it in the post by race day then please call the Rapid Ascent office on 03 5261 5511.

Competitors who enter Race 1 after 9:00am Friday 4th June must collect their event number plate from Registration on race morning.
Once you have received your number plate (either via post or collection) you do not need to ‘report in’ or register at the event venue on race morning, just warm up, arrive at the start line ready to race! 


We strongly encourage all runners NOT TO WEAR HEADPHONES or listen to music whilst running in the The Trail Running Series. This is primarily for your safety, so that runners wishing to overtake on a narrow section of track can communicate with you and advise where/how they’d like to pass without causing a crash. The courses also pass through some magnificent eucalypt bush land filled with birds and other wildlife that is all part of the trail running experience and if you’re pounding away to music you can’t hear that either!