Series Overview

Welcome to the Trail Running Series

Trail running takes you off-road… because #BitumenIsBoring! And what’s not to love about it when trail running takes you through magnificent wilderness, past towering trees, trickling creeks, almighty tree ferns and native wildlife all in a friendly event atmosphere.

The Trail Running Series is the pre-eminent trail running series in Australia with an incredible race atmosphere that is welcoming of all runners – first timers through to the running elite. The Series has revolutionised trail running in Australia and continues to lead the way with it being one of the most popular events in Australia.

Features and initiatives include:

  • Free professional photo for all participants at each race
  • Race #1 new location for 2020
  • Wrap-up party at Race 5
  • Kids’ runs at Race 3 and 4 – growing in popularity each year!
  • $30 Off Trail Running Shoes from Footpro – details on how to claim in your entry confirmation email
  • Updated courses
  • Magnificent natural landscapes
  • Friendly social atmosphere
  • Group offers, competitions and more!

Race details 2020

RaceDateVenueDistances (2019)More details
1Sunday 14 JuneAnnounced in March6km / 11km / 17kmRead more…
2Sunday 12 July Announced in March 7km / 14km / 18kmRead more…
3Sunday 9 August Announced in March 7km / 15km / 21kmRead more…
4Sunday 6 September Announced in March 9km / 15km / 23kmRead more…
5Sunday 11 October Announced in March 5km / 10km / 15kmRead more…

“I really likes the introduction of races for children this year (2017) – a great innovation to make this a true family event.” Jess Batton – 2017 participant.

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What is The Trail Running Series all about?

The Trail Running Series is all about making trail running accessible to as many people as possible. You don’t have to run ultra-distances to be part of it. You don’t need years of experience nor all the latest gear… all you need is a come-and-try-it attitude and a bit of fitness to get around the course. All races are designed to be fun, scenic and rewarding for all runners with a friendly event atmosphere that is truly welcoming of everyone.

Roughly 55% of participants are women and whilst some people run to win, plenty of people just come for a dose of fresh air with their buddies on a Sunday morning then head to the nearest café for brunch before getting on with the rest of their day.

Check out the photo galleries for insights into the people and places we go and start getting excited because you’re sure to love every step.

Why enter The Trail Running Series?

  • Genuine trail and wilderness experiences with quality courses in magnificent locations
  • 3 course options at each race for ALL running abilities
  • Massive end-of-series celebrations
  • Great value for money, especially for ‘Gold Runners’ who enter at least 4 of the Series events
  • Friendly event atmosphere
  • Accessible locations located within 1hrs drive of Melbourne
  • Interactive Race Village at the Start/Finish line
  • Fantastic prizes in all categories

Comments from past participants

“I made it to the end so I’m pretty happy with that. It’s my first ever trail running event and I’ve booked in for the Series. I had a great time,” Chris, Race 1, 2016

“The hills were a lot steeper than I imagined they would be but the single track was really fun to run on; it was wonderful. Everyone on course was really encouraging and I had a great day,” Lauren, Race 2, 2017

“The hills were really tough but it’s a great off-road course, everyone is really encouraging and it’s a very friendly atmosphere and a well-organised event,” Despina, Race 4, 2017.

What is trail running?

Trail running is all about leaving the noise, pollution and boring bitumen that characterises road running far behind. Instead, it’s all about running in the refreshing environs of nature: in forests, through parklands, in valleys and on mountains, over creeks and under towering stands of gum trees.

So long as it is off road, it’s trail running. The best trail running is on ‘single track’ – usually walking/hiking trails that you can only traverse on foot. These are the best trails because they tend to lead you into the most pristine and stunning environments and have a great sense of flow.

Trail running does also encompass some running on dirt roads and fire trails and, due to logistics, can sometimes at a push include short stretches of road running to get from one trail to another. But, essentially, trail running is all about running in beautiful and inspiring parts of the world that remain as Mother Nature intended: untouched and wild.

How technical?

The courses for The Trail Running Series can accurately be described as being largely non-technical with clear and straight forward footing. This means that you will NOT be running over extensive rock scree, slippery surfaces, clambering up the sides of mountains or ‘bush-bashing’ through the scrub. Yes it can be muddy and yes there are hills, but the courses are all very well marked with arrows and marking tape, and the terrain is solid underfoot and very run-able.

So if you are afraid of rolling an ankle or ‘doing yourself an injury’ then fear not, the races are generally very safe and easy to follow and stay upright!

Supporting Happy Heart

This year, the Trail Running Series is supporting Happy Heart… that’s “Cory and Ange Doing it for the Heart”. Let’s help them on their journey as they continue to raise awareness for a cause that is so close to their hearts.

Cory and Ange have entered the Series, taking it in turns to wear the Happy Heart costume, whilst the other guides them along the trails.

You can help support the Happy Heart by donating to their Everyday Hero page – CLICK HERE