Schedule – Virtual Races

Virtual Race 1 Sunday 14 June9am Race Start (all runners)
Virtual Race 2Sunday 12 July9am Race Start (all runners)

PRE-RACE : Thursday 9th July

8:00pm – 9:00pm ‘Registration’ – technology test!

  • This is an opportunity to test the technology before race day so you know how it works (optional). Details in the Event Program sent to competitors via e-mail.

Race day schedule

Suggested time-line for when to use each of the APP’s explained on the Virtual Technology page (remember – you don’t have to use all APPS – just choose what suits you!):


  • Arrive at your race venue – get ready to run!
  • Start Facebook and watch us live – or start ZOOM and say hi
  • Start ‘Live Tracking’ on Race Map – to see all other runners on the map


  • Start ZOOM and see everyone else live on your screen


  • Do the Hiit Factory warm up as broadcast on ZOOM and Facebook Live
  • Take off your jumper and get ready to race…


  • keep ‘Live Tracking’ turned on for the duration of your run (in Race Map)
  • press start on your GPS watch or phone app to record your run
  • connect via Zoom when you like during your run – show us the views (and the hills) from your course!


  • stop your GPS when you’ve run the full distance of the event you entered (5km, 10km or 15km)
  • restart ZOOM and tell us about your run – high-5 your friends (elbow to elbow only)!
  • stop ‘Live Tracking’ in the Race Map app

Head back home and relive your run and share it with the community via:

  • Upload your race time and distance into the results URL to see how you compare. This is clearly explained here.
  • TRS Strava Club – check out everyone else’s runs, see who went the fastest / furthest / highest… hand out plenty of Kudos to our network
  • TRS Facebook Group – Upload any photos and stories from your run offer a few comments and trail love to others
  • Watch it all again as we’ll record all online session and re-share later!

8:30pm Sunday evening

We will announce the winners and award some prizes with a live session on the Trail Running Series Facebook page.