Virtual Race Technology

Technology description

We will use some simple technology to connect runners on race day. This technology is all FREE to install on your phone and using the instructions below should be pretty easy to set up and use on race day.

You don’t have to do it all!! Runners can choose which technology works for you and connect in the way you want.

Here are our recommendations for different tech ability levels:

1. Tech newbie!

  • RACEMAP live tracking. This will provide a real sense of connection because you’ll see where everyone else is running

2. Tech student!

  • RACEMAP live tracking and
  • FACEBOOK. Watch the Trail Running Series Facebook page to see what’s happening elsewhere, to do the Hiit Factory Warm up and engage directly.

3. Tech guru!

  • RACEMAP live tracking, and
  • FACEBOOK on the Trail Running Series page, and
  • ZOOM video conference. Connect via zoom and show us what’s happening around you, wave to your friends and speak to one another.
  • STRAVA TRS Club. Join the club and you’ll see others’ runs and can compare your efforts and can give/receive the Kudos!

ALL APPS ARE DESCRIBED BELOW – remember you can choose whichever apps suit you – follow the ideas above or pick and mix to engage with the action.

Here is a more detailed description of each app and how to set it up on your phone (for FREE!)

The text in GREEN can all be done at home, before race day (do it now and you’re pretty much set to go!).

Race Map Live Tracking

Race Map basically turns your phone into a live tracker than transmits your location to a map that we can all view online. (It only transmits your location when you are using it – not afterwards or forever so your privacy is secure). The map will show the location of all runners whilst you are running and give a scale for the number of people involved on the day.


1.Download the app ‘RACE MAP’ app onto your phone

2. Enter the code into the Search bar at the top of the home screen (code is sent to competitors only via the Event Program in the lead up)

3. Enter your name and/or race number in the login fields to register as a runner

4. Click ‘START Live Tracking’ at approx. 8:45am when you are getting ready to run

5. Scroll down to the ‘Race 1 – Trail Running Series’ event in the list of events and click ‘Watch Now’ to see all the other runners who are also racing!

5. Remember to ‘Pause live tracking’ after you finish your race!

You can watch the runners live on Race morning here!!

Trail Running Series Facebook page

We will broadcast live from race HQ and welcome everyone to the race. We’ll have finish arch, signage, music and will cross-share the feed from ZOOM. We’ll also have a real life MINI Countryman to show you around.


1.Follow @theTrailRunningSeries on Facebook

2. Open up your Facebook app to see our live broadcast from 8:30am on race day.
– Feel free to post a comment, question or shout-out!

ZOOM Video meeting

ZOOM is a video conferencing app that allows hundreds of people to connect via video at the same time. We will open up a ZOOM meeting at approx. 8:40am on race day and encourage all runners to drop in and say hi!


1. Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings’ app onto your phone. Create an account. (This is all FREE – you only need the basic membership).

2. Enter the Meeting ID number and Password sent to competitors in the Event Program race week.

3. Join the meeting a few times between 8:40am and approx. 11:00am, we suggest:

  • 5-10 mins before your run to show us your smile and do the HIIT Factory warm up
  • 1-2 mins during your run (or more) to show us your trail and views from the hill tops
  • 5-10 mins after finishing your run to share the enthusiasm with others

Click here for some helpful info on how to use ZOOM.

Trail Running Series Strava Club

Strava is a social-fitness network, online training diary and exercises analysis tool. We have created a Trail Running Series Strava Club so you can see one another’s training sessions and race day runs (If it is not on Strava it didn’t happen!).


1.Create a Strava account (if not already done so) and join the Trail Running Series (TRS) Strava Club HERE

2. Record your virtual race on your GPS device – can be a watch or in the app on your phone itself

3. Upload it to Strava by 8:00pm on race day

  • If you are already a member of the TRS Strava Club then your time will automatically go into the list.

See the Schedule page for WHEN and HOW we recommend engaging with each app.

Choose what you do!!

You do not have to do all these social engagement tools to be part of the Virtual Race – it is all about running after all!! Choose what works for you, what you’re comfortable with and how you want to interact with others.

Technology and social media aside, after your race we hope you dissolve into the couch with a renewed sense of satisfaction and community engagement after joining others for an awesome run together!

Technology Tips

These apps will drain your battery more than normal. Make sure your phone is fully charged beforehand – but you should not have to carry a battery charger with you (unless you ZOOM the whole thing!)