Virtual Race Info

Just because we can’t run in big groups, or race at actual physical events at the moment, doesn’t mean we can’t run together – and that’s exactly what our Virtual Races are all about.  

We believe it is more important than ever to continue doing the sports we love and to engage with our trail running friends. We all need a goal, something to look forward to and to stay connected to our friends… these Virtual Races will provide just that.

United by the challenge and connected to other runners through some simple app technology – this will be a group running experience like no other.

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Virtual runs will be held on:

  • Race #1: 9:00am Sunday 14th June, 2020
  • Race #2: 9:00am Sunday 12th July, 2020

All runners start their run at the designated time no matter where you are located.


Three running distances available:

  • 5km short course
  • 10km medium course
  • 15km long course

Run over any type of terrain or course that you have available to you.


This is how it will roll out:

  1. Runners enter the race(s) online – nominating the distance you want to race on the day:
    – 5km short course
    – 10km medium course
    – 15km long course
  2. We all start running at the same time – at 9:00am (AEST) on virtual race day morning – and complete the run distance entered. This means WE WILL ALL BE RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME in all corners of the country, building a great sense of unity and shared experience.
    • you may wish to meet up with a few fellow runners on each virtual race day to compete in your chosen distance (max. 20 in Victoria from 1st June according to current COVID-19 restrictions).
  3. We connect-up before / during / after to share our fizzing enthusiasm.

We will connect with one another via some simple race tech – choose the 1-2 apps that best suit you!:

  • Facebook Live: we will commence a Facebook live broadcast from 8:30am on race day to welcome you to the event.
    • Our fitness partners at the Hiit Factory will provide an invigorating warm up with 10 mins to go.
  • ZOOM video meeting: we will also commence a video conference using ZOOM where all runners can dial in and show us what is happening at your end of the trail.
    • We recommend joining in for 5-10mins before your run, then spend 1-2 mins show us your trail, your views or even a grimace during your run and then share your fizz with everyone else for 5-10 mins after finishing your run.
  • Live Tracking: all runners are encouraged to use a simple phone app called Race Map to broadcast your run position live and in real time.
    • Race map will allow us to see where everyone is running >> in real time << with an interactive map covered in little runners doing their thing.
  • A TRS Strava club: then we can check out each other’s run and deal out the kudos after the race!

We will provide clear explanation how to set up your phone and do this ‘tech-stuff’ in the event program and on THIS WEBPAGE HERE (it’s easy – don’t worry!).

We encourage you to tap into all of these connections so we can all be part of the experience of running together from a distance.

Run Courses

All entrants must run the distance of the event they entered (5km, 10km or 15km) whilst fulfilling the social distancing rules current on race day.

You can choose the course you run – for some this will be the trails close to your home, or the roads and footpaths in your neighbourhood, whilst others may even do laps of the local football ground – no matter the situation we are all in it together and doing the same thing at our end.

It is very important that we ALL FOLLOW THE RULES governing movement and interaction as set for the region you live in**. We do not condone breaking these rules what-so-ever in order to train or participate in this event.

In an ideal world we’d ask that each participant tries to run on trails (because our hearts are in the trails!) and ideally, with a minimum of 100m of vertical gain per 5km (so 10km runners must climb 200m and 15km runners must climb 300m). This is in order to standadise results so they are more comparable to each other.

**as of the 1st June, COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifting and we will be allowed to run outside in small groups (up to 20 in Victoria), so you may wish to meet up with a few fellow runners on each virtual race day to compete in your chosen distance.

It’s all about community and fun

Our virtual runs aim to create a sense of community and united spirit – even though we can’t physically run together at an actual event. So no matter what type of course you run the thing that matters is that we are all running at the same time and in that way running together no matter where we are. 

Physical distancing, socially uniting.